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Reduce display transparency on your Mac

In this post, John Espirian provides a quick tip to speed up your Mac by reducing the display transparency. You’ll also benefit by having a clearer view of your system menus and the Dock.

Reduce display transparency on your Mac

If you’re an Apple fan like me, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the Mac operating system. But when it comes to getting stuff done a little faster, what do you think about sacrificing a bit of that beauty for a small increase in your machine’s speed? If that sounds like a fair trade-off, this tip is for you.

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Secret Mac toolbar shortcut

In this post, John Espirian shares another quick and easy tip for improving the efficiency of your Mac.

Secret toolbar shortcut

Whenever I’m busy working on a project, I often find myself regularly referring to a small group of files. It might be a style guide, a client brief or a general crib sheet. I don’t like to interrupt my stream of thought too much, so it’s important to me that such files are easily accessible. The last thing I want is to try to remember where a particular document is and then go clicking about through folders to open it.
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iPad Pro Smart Keyboard: first impressions

In this post, John Espirian shares his thoughts about the latest accessory for owners of the iPad Pro – the Smart Keyboard.

iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard

Having recently bought an iPad Pro, I couldn’t resist the temptation of pairing it up with the new Smart Keyboard. Apple took their time to make the unit available for delivery, but now it’s here I thought I’d share some notes about my early experiences with it. Was it worth the money? Read on and see what you think.

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Technical writing primer

What is technical writing? In this guest post for the Professional Copywriters’ Network, John Espirian provides a simple introduction to the subject.

Technical writing primer

As a freelance technical writer, my job is to turn complex subject matter into simple, accessible content.

Most copywriters produce beautiful, creative prose that helps sell a product or service. They dream up snappy headlines and killer copy, all the while pushing as many emotional buttons as they can. Read more

Waste less, do more in 2016

In this post, John Espirian shares his thoughts for the year ahead.

Waste less, do more

Waste less, do more

Are you one for New Year’s resolutions? I’m not. Most of the time they just don’t work.

And there’s the nub of the matter: why bother doing anything that doesn’t work? In the case of resolutions, the sticking point is usually that our best intentions are too grandiose. We write cheques that our behaviours can seldom cash.
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Conference season 2015

September and October make up the annual conference season for writers and editors in the UK. Here’s a very quick look at some of the main events of 2015.

As a freelance, I look forward to the times when I’m able to meet up with like-minded people to exchange ideas and experiences. Along with attending local-group events, one of the best ways to do this is to dive into the world of the annual conference. Almost every major organisation has one, and it’s no different for those whose stock in trade is communication.

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About copy-editing and proofreading

In this post, John Espirian provides a brief introduction to two key types of editorial service: copy-editing and proofreading.

Copy-editing and proofreading

Learn about copy-editing and proofreading

Imagine the difficult elevator pitch: you have a few seconds to tell people what you do, and you’re met with quizzical looks when you drop the terms ‘copy-editor’ and ‘proofreader’ into the conversation. At best, the person you’re speaking to will think you’re a human spellchecker; at worst … well, they just won’t have a clue. So, what to do?
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How to optimise images for the web

Do you run a blog or regularly post images on the web? This free tool will show you how to reduce the file sizes of your images without any loss of quality.

ImageOptim icon

ImageOptim reduces image sizes without losing image quality

If you run your own website and/or blog, you should optimise it so that your pages load as quickly as possible. There are lots of ways to do this, but one of the most effective methods is to reduce the file sizes of your images.

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