Cambridge links

These are the links I mentioned in my #CSMDay2019 talk on 8 November 2019.

Who viewed your profile

See who’s been checking you out:

Change profile URL

Get rid of the string of letters and numbers in your default profile URL:

People also viewed

Turn this off to stop advertising other people’s profiles on your own profile:

Make Follow primary

Replace the default Connect button with a Follow button:

Keep the green spot on

Show everyone when you’re available, to encourage more invitations and DMs:

Ask for recommendations

Add /detail/recommendation/write/ to your profile URL, e.g.

Social Selling Index (SSI)

See how LinkedIn ranks your profile and presence:

Emoji shortcuts

Mac users: CtrlCmdSpace

Windows users: Windows; or Windows.

Emoji shortcuts on macOS and Windows

Mac shortcuts in white; Windows in black

Create a company page

Go to the Work menu and click Create a Company Page.

Get an hour of LinkedIn goodies in this podcast

Check out my in-depth LinkedIn chat with Richard Tubb on TubbTalk episode 53.

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