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How to turn off LinkedIn post analytics

It’s so annoying when the LinkedIn notification counter lights up and then you find that it’s just a message that one of your posts has received 50 or 100 views. Once you build up a lot of connections, most of your posts are going to trigger this notification.

Here’s how to turn off these notifications via the LinkedIn mobile app:

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5 tips to reduce stress and boost productivity

5 tips to reduce stress and boost productivity

Stress isn’t cool. It saps our energy, drains our creativity and shortens our lives.

I don’t have a magic potion for curing these things, but I can at least offer up a handful of tips to help you boost productivity in your business.

  1. Simplify social media updates
  2. Give your eyes a break
  3. Share files quickly and easily
  4. Be smarter with passwords
  5. Make money less scary

Did you know?

Since 1992, each April has become known as Stress Awareness Month.

Problem shared = problem halved

Remember that friends and colleagues are likely to be going through the same issues you are.

Lean on your community for support.

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Being on page 7 of Google sucks

Being on page 7 of Google sucks


Blogging works. It helped me go from page 7 of Google to the top of page 1. It took effort but I didn’t spend a penny on advertising.

As well as creating content and writing websites for online tech businesses, I sometimes advise business owners on what they can do to boost their site’s ranking in Google and other search engines. There are plenty of ways to tackle Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but this post focuses on just one method: blogging.

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1 easy way to mess up on LinkedIn

1 easy way to mess up on LinkedIn

Let’s get this straight: if you’re going to put time-sensitive information in your LinkedIn summary, make sure you set a reminder to review and edit it afterwards.

Stating that you’re looking forward to a conference that took place 16 months ago is going to ruin all the subject matter authority that you were trying to portray.

It’s almost as bad as making a spelling mistake in your profile. People will judge – I’m telling the truth.
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MicroMacTips 8

MicroMacTips part 8

Here’s another batch of 5 quick and easy #MicroMacTips to help you get to grips with your cool Apple tech.

1. Minimise the Dock

The Dock is the strip of icons usually found at the bottom of the screen. If you need a bit more space, you can hide the Dock when you’re not using it.

Press Cmd-Alt-D and the Dock will disappear. Move the pointer to the bottom of the screen and it will magically reappear and then disappear again when you move the pointer away. This is how I always have my Dock set up – I think it’s cleaner this way.

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