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Headline, subheading and meta description

Headline, subheading, meta description

My notation for writing website copy for clients

I write almost all my B2B client website copy in Word. This post shows how I denote my headlines, subheadings and meta descriptions – and what those things mean.

My clients find this clear and it’s easy for their web designers to turn my copy into web content.

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How to create a branded hashtag for your business

How to make my own hashtag

Create your own terms to support your personal brand

Do you have your own branded hashtag? It could help your business stand out and provides an easy way for followers to spread the word about you.

I use branded hashtags to give labels to some of my content on social media. You can do the same, and here’s how.

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Do I need a LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn company page

Yes, probably – even though they’re a bit rubbish

Should you create a LinkedIn Page (formerly known as a company page)? If you do, should you post from your company page or from your own personal feed?

These are common questions from my LinkedIn connections and Espresso ☕️ subscribers.

Summary for busy people

LinkedIn company pages have limited value. Yes, you should have one – but do almost all of your posting from your personal feed.

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How to create video for websites and blogs

How to create and add video to website pages and blog posts

Bridging the gap between you and your audience

📚 This post is part of my business blogging guide.

In this post, we’ll look at a couple of types of video that can add value to your blogs and make your message more relatable. We’ll also see the basic kit needed to create and share video.

Before you dive in, note that video creation takes time. I often spend 1 hour to produce 60 seconds of usable video. So, you might want to use this method only on your most important blog content.

There are 2 common types of video that work well in blog posts:

  • 👦🏻 Personal video: e.g. talking head, interviews, on-location filming.
  • 🖥 Screen video: e.g. software demos, PowerPoint slides, webinars.

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Stop using the LinkedIn Share button

Stop using the LinkedIn Share button

Liking and commenting is much better for LinkedIn engagement

Most people think that using LinkedIn’s Share button is a good way to spread the word about posts they like or find useful.

But LinkedIn shares don’t receive many views.

In fact, sharing a LinkedIn post is about the worst way for you to help it succeed.

A much better approach is to click the Like button and add a meaty comment.

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Recommended copywriters – UK and international

Recommended copywriters – UK and international

Need to hire a copywriter to write content for your business?

Here’s my list of go-to UK and international copywriters. If I’m not available, these guys and girls will sort you out.

  • All links point to the corresponding LinkedIn profile.
  • All these copywriters write content in English.
  • No one paid to be on this list, and I don’t use any paid referral schemes.
  • The ordering has nothing to do with these copywriters’ abilities.
  • Don’t expect cheap. Do expect good.
  • I’m not including every copywriter I know, because listing 200+ people probably wouldn’t be helpful.

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How to write good headlines

How to write good headlines

Simple tips to improve your headlines and help your content be found

The biggest response I ever got to a headline was more than a decade ago when I came up with:

Martin didn’t want me to show you this …

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