10 tips for handling your first proofreading job

In this guest post for the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), John Espirian sets out 10 tips to help new proofreaders take on their first proofreading job.

10 tips for new proofreaders

As well as upholding editorial standards, the SfEP does a lot to support its members, particularly those new to copy-editing and proofreading. As a director of the Society, I thought I’d pull together a lot of the good advice shared by our experienced members and place it into this blog. So, here’s a video and a written set of tips for newbie proofreaders taking on their first proofreading job:

Here are the 10 tips I came up with:

To read about the tips in detail and see quotes from experienced members, click the button below to see the full post on the SfEP blog:

Read all 10 tips

Thanks for reading,

John Espirian

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