I hate it when people hide their prices. I don’t do that.

Ballpark rates

  • £350–£450 plus VAT per day for technical writing
  • £250–£350 plus VAT per day for editing and proofreading

Flat project fees will work out cheaper than this. The exact figure will depend on the length of your project. Email me for a free quote.

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Detailed discussion

For more information about pricing, please read my Technical writing prices blog series:

  1. How much does technical writing cost?
  2. Why is technical writing so expensive?
  3. Do technical writers need to do research?
  4. How do technical writers charge?

Key factors

When quoting for work, I base my prices on these key factors:

  • Communication – how clear is the brief?
  • Complexity – how difficult is the work?
  • Duration – how long will the project take?
  • Urgency – how soon must the work begin or end?

There is no single price for everyone. Here’s why:

Each project is different. A challenging job that will take time and that must begin immediately has to be priced much higher than a simple, short job that isn’t very urgent.


If you would like me to edit, rewrite or otherwise enhance any content you’ve already created, please supply a representative sample of the work when you contact me. This will help me to make a proper assessment of the job, and will mean my quote is more likely to indicate an appropriate price for the work.

Please note that I don’t offer free samples of my work. Read my blog to assess the quality of my writing, then get in touch if you’d like to hire me.

Billing and payment

I’ll usually invoice for the full amount due at the end of the job, with payment to be made within 30 days of the date shown on the invoice. But I’m a human and can be flexible if needs be.

You can pay me by online bank transfer or PayPal. I’d rather not have to take cheques to the bank.

My business is VAT registered, so I have to charge VAT on all invoices in the UK.


For a free quote, please contact me. Also, check out what my clients say about my work.

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Thank you.

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